Helping You Keep Your Family SAFE AND HEALTHY

Get Top-Quality Safety Essentials and Systems

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Helping You Keep Your Family SAFE AND HEALTHY

Get Top-Quality Safety Essentials and Systems


QUALITY HEALTH SYSTEMS (QHS) was established in 2005 with a focus on teaching people about healthy cooking methods and products. The company has now grown and developed into a full-service Home Health, Wellness, and Safety company. 
QHS has expanded to truly address what many would consider the "BASIC" essentials to ensuring QUALITY health. We have SYSTEMS to protect the FOOD we eat along with a SYSTEM to protect your home and family in case of a FIRE or WATER LEAK emergency. Recently we’ve all become aware and concerned with the AIR we breathe, so QHS has SYSTEMS to protect both home and workplace. The WATER we drink, and a good night's SLEEP are additional areas that QHS has focused on for the on-going benefit of our customers. By providing all these SYSTEMS, it means that from the moment you wake up, through the day and even while you are fast asleep, YOU ARE IMPROVING AND PROTECTING THE HEALTH OF THOSE YOU LOVE. This is all possible because Quality Health Systems provides The Quality You Deserve! 

Founders Tracy and Tiana Klimczak

Have used their years of personal and business relationships to ensure that the systems being provided are all world-class. When deciding to expand the QHS business model, there were a handful of keys facts that were considered:

Are your products manufactured by companies that have stood the test of time?

  • Yes! The manufacturers have all been around for a minimum of 50 years. 

Are the products user-friendly?

  • Yes! In today's fast-paced and technologically advanced world, there seems to be a multitude of products that are simply too confusing for many consumers. All QHS products are presented, explained, and delivered during a one-on-one consultation to ensure that not only do you have the best system, but you know how to use it effectively.

Does the company truly believe in these products?

  • Yes! The first research Tracy and Tiana did was to use some of the "down-time" of COVID to put the products to the test in their own home and lifestyle. There is not a product line that is represented in the QHS catalog that can not be found in the Klimczak household. "These are all products that I needed to make sure that I could use, understand, and my family would benefit from," states Tracy anytime he is asked.

Community Support & Fundraisers

Quality Health Systems has a very unique and profitable program that is being developed to assist your church, school or foundation with much needed FUNDRAISING.